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Multiple disinfectants from the DOCsteel ® range (hand, skin and surface disinfection)

DOCsteel ® - Natural - This highly effective disinfectant solution is produced from water and sodium chloride (salt) using a special electrolysis process.

  • biological product without alcohol, manufactured according to biocide regulation EN14885
  • No skin irritation, as pH-neutral, skin-friendly disinfection on a water basis with hypochlorous acid
  • fast and 99.9% safe elimination of viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores
  • only 15-30 seconds exposure time
  • no cracked or dry hands even with frequent use
  • Can be sprayed finely atomized in the room air
  • no protective equipment necessary
  • Areas of application: Health sector I public institutions and municipalities I gastronomy I events I trade fair & tourism I industry & trade

DOCsteel NATURAL medical multiple disinfection / 1000 liter IBC container

VAT Included |
  • Sodium hypochlorite I CAS No. 7681 I EC no. 231-668-3 I EU-BIOZID-Ordinance 528/2012
    Active chlorine I released from hypochlorous acid I CAS no. 7790-92-3 I EC no. 232-232-5

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